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Characters of polyethylene microporous film ST-F®:
High Air and Moisture Permeability
Air and moisture vapor can pass through, while water can not permeate through under certain pressure〞waterproof film.
Excellent Separation Ability
Because of pores with diameters ranging from 0.3 to many microns which twist through the cross-cection of films, particles and drops can be obstructed.
Water Pressure Resistance
Water pressure at 100 to 320KPa can be held on.
Absorption and Soaking Ability
Because of high microporosity, various substances can be absorbed in or soaked onto.
Low Combustion Heat
Can be combusted with low quantity of heat glowed, and the furnace will not be damaged.
High Processability
Can be adhered to other materials or heat-sealed.
1.Filtering Membrane: Membranes for mushroom planting
2.Agricultural Material: Composite films for farming
3.Sanitary Material: Paper diapers for children or
  adults, sanitary napkins
4.Packing Material: Package for dehumidizers,
  antioxidants and antistaling agents
5.Medical: Used for hospital bed sheets, surgical
  garments and medical tapes
6.Clothing: Simple raincoats, work clothes, game clothes
7.Others:Sheets for outdoor using and pets
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